About us

Lufin Group of Companies is the leading general contractor to the construction market since 2003, when our first company was established. We provide integrative and individual services of design, execution, and project management not only on internal market but also on the external markets.
– From the beginning we have start to work in Germany as subcontractor specialized in resistance structures.
– From May 2012 we have opened an office in Erbil Kurdistan, Iraq istan, Iraq and in this moment we are in the process of accreditation for opening also an another office in Baghdad, Iraq.
LUFIN INTERNATIONAL is one of the main units of LUFIN Group of Companies for outside Romania’s borders construction projects. With over 30 years experience in the construction field, Mr. Dipl. Eng. Victor Badescu one of the founders of LUFIN INTERNATIONAL leads the company with success to go through and develop our activity on the foreign construction market.
LUFIN CONSTRUCT as general contractor on the Romanian market we have performed the works for the structure, architecture, finishes, installations and equipment for industrial buildings, halls, warehouses, residential buildings, office buildings, parking car, automobile and railway bridges.
IMPLOZIA is another member of Lufin Group of Companies which has as main activities and specializes in controlled demolition of different types of buildings and construction of the roads.

Activity of LUFIN INTERNATIONAL can be divided into four groups of activities:
– Design Group – dealing with projects of any kind, including apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, office buildings, warehouses, shops, hotels etc.
– Execution Group structures – effectively handle running the works on site to meet the deadlines, rules and prescriptions in force until the contractual provisions are accomplished;
– Execution Group architecture and equipments – carrying handle effectively the works for external enclosures, interior partitions, interior and exterior installations;
– Project Management Group lead by Mr. Dipl. Eng. Victor Badescu – in charge of coordinating projects developed by LUFIN INTERNATIONAL and other projects for third parties.